5 tips to maximise space in your home
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5 Tips to Maximise Space in Your Home

  1. Build an Extension
  2. Get a loft conversion
  3. Get an Outbuilding
  4. Better Storage
  5. Have a Clear Out

Here are five great tips to help you get the maximum space out of your home, starting with the easiest and cheapest and gradually moving on to bigger and more drastic projects.

1 Have a Clear Out

It sounds obvious, but if you went through every item in your home objectively there would be a huge number of things which you had either forgotten about or haven’t used in years. Having a clear out is a great way to create more space at home and even generate some extra cash.

If you have useful or valuable items you can sell them on places like eBay, Facebook Marketplace and gumtree or take a plot at your local carboot sale.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure as they say, so even if you think something is junk, it might still hold some value to someone else.

2 Get Better Storage

Having more efficient ways of storing things will help to maximise the space in your home. There are a lot of interesting and novel ways of storing things around your house available to buy, so consider looking for some new storage ideas.

Re-evaluate your current storage and see if you can get more of it or something which does a better job. This can be particularly powerful when combined with having a clear out.

As an example, most beds take up a lot of room but with the right frame and some cheap wheeled containers you can store a large volume of items neatly under a bed which would otherwise take up a lot of space on shelves or in cupboards.

3 Buy an Outbuilding

If you can’t free up more space inside you home, make some more space outside it.

Sheds and outbuildings are great for storage and could free up room inside your home by letting you store things outside.

A decent outbuilding can be used for more than just storage; having workshops and even offices out in your garden is now a possibility with the range of modular and prefabricated outbuildings available on the market.

4 Get a Loft Conversion

A loft conversion could create at least one if not two new rooms inside your home. Converting your loft is a more serious commitment than ‘having a tidy-up’ or buying a new shed, but the benefits will be enormous compared to other options.

Getting a loft conversions won’t just get you more space, it might get you the best space in your house, with a great view and an interesting feature like a window balcony or a large dormer.

5 Build an Extension

Building an extension is a big financial decision to take but it will improve not just the space within your home but also the general comfort it brings you as well as increasing its value.

A small extension could be completed in a couple of months without even applying for planning permission and treble the size of your kitchen! You now have space for that island you always dreamed of.

If you have questions about building a new extension or loft conversion, please give us a call as we have a lot of experience in both these fields.

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