5 ways to extend your property
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5 Ways to Extend Your Property

Getting an extension can be a great way to create more space in your home, but which type of extension is best?

In this article we look at different ways of adding both space and value to your property, including different options for different budgets.

Here is a list of the best ways to extend your property, naturally we’ve saved the best until last!

  1. Conservatory
  2. Outbuilding
  3. Garage Conversion
  4. Traditional Extension
  5. Loft Conversion

1 Conservatory

Adding a conservatory to your property is one of the cheapest ways to increase the living space and it is also possible to complete a conservatory without apply for planning permission.

Conservatories are lighter structures than traditional brick and mortar extensions, so will require smaller foundations and less materials to construct.

Most conservatories can be built within the bounds of permitted development, meaning that no planning permission is required if your conservatory is below a certain height and takes up no more than 50% of the original garden around your property.

The downsides to conservatories are:

  • Likely to be hot in the summer and cold in the winter
  • Will degrade faster over time than other extension types

2 Outbuilding

If you have a large enough garden, adding a separate outbuilding can be a good way of creating extra living space for all sorts of uses, such as:

  • Man Cave
  • Workshop
  • Gym
  • Office
  • Creative Space

Prefabricated garden cabins can be bought for less than £3,000 reaching past £10,000 for more advanced models with improved insulation.

More substantial and longer lasting buildings can be built from scratch with bricks or timber, even oak frames for a more aesthetically pleasing design.

Many of the downsides that apply to conservatories also apply to outbuildings; they are made of lighter materials and so will not last as long as bricks and mortar, not will they be as well insulated.

It is perfectly possible to create durable, well insulated outbuildings, but the cost quickly rises with the quality of materials and the complexity of the construction.

3 Garage Conversion

Many people in the UK who own a garage don’t actually use it to store a vehicle and it it not uncommon to see houses with a 30k car outside in the rain stood next to a garage with 300 pounds worth of junk in it.

If you have an under utilised garage it makes perfect sense to convert it into an extra room and increase the usable living space in your house.

Converting a garage will usually need planning permission, but provided it is in keeping with the rest of the property it is likely to be accepted.

Garages tend not to be very well insulated, so making a garage into a proper room might require the construction of new internal walls, a floor and a ceiling, but it is still a relatively cheap option compared to an extension.

4 A traditional extension

A brick and mortar extension is a common but potentially expensive way of increasing the living space at your property.

The benefits are that it will be a proper building with good longevity and indistinguishable from the rest of your house once you are inside it.

The downsides are the cost, disruption and time it takes to complete them.

Small extensions to the rear of a property can be completed without planning permission, but they will still need a structural design, foundations, possibly drainage and a host of other features which all push the cost up.

The potential for improving your home with an extension is almost unmatched, as long as you have enough space and money to build what you want.

5 A Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are not the cheapest option but they do offer some unique features which can really add a wow factor to your home such as a balcony or a great view.

A good loft conversion will have a stair case, heating and insulation and can be used to create an amazing space in your home.

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