a loft conversion for all the family
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A Loft Conversion for All the Family  

We build loft conversions for various reasons. Perhaps you need the extra storage space, or maybe you have young children who need a place to play, a teenager who wants somewhere to hang out, or an elderly relative who needs caring for.

In recent years, more adult children are returning home after spending time away at university. Maybe you work from home and need the extra room, or perhaps you want a home gym or recording studio. There is no limit to what we can create.

Conversions are extremely versatile and offer a cheap way of building extra space without the need to sell and move on. An added bonus is that they don’t compromise any garden space either. Conversions can benefit everyday lifestyles for all members living under one roof.

Short-term usage

Family life is always evolving, children, teenagers, those who leave home and return, or an elderly parent who needs looking after, the loft can be practical for multiple purposes. An extra room can accommodate one person, but also has the ability to swap and change as family needs change over time.

One significant thing about conversions is the immediate impact it has on family life. Without the stress of an extension or a full house move, the conversion opens up new opportunities.

For the young ones

  • Children’s playroom
  • Teenager hang out room
  • Teenage or children’s bedroom

For the adults

  • Master bedroom
  • Guest bedroom
  • New bathroom
  • Office space
  • Gym space
  • Studio space
  • Creative space
  • ‘Granny flat’
  • Upstairs living room/snug
  • Reading nook

The possibilities are endless. But what about the long term? How does this affect your family and property further down the line?

What about Future Investments?

Not only is it beneficial on a short-term basis, but the long-term plan is equally important.

As we’ve mentioned, over time you might find that family dynamics change and your parents might need to be taken under your wing. Living alongside them in the house means you can be there for their needs while offering their own independent space. This works in the same way for your young children, who will eventually grow into teenagers and will inevitably crave their personal space.

As your children leave home, there’s a chance they might decide to return after a couple of years to save for a deposit on a house of their own. As adults living under your roof, they can claim the guest bedroom and allow for privacy and independence.

Alternatively, what was once your children’s playroom may now become your grandchildren’s play area. Or perhaps you’re able to use the space to work from home. As you enter retirement, you might discover new hobbies and the space could cater to this. Why not create your very own library nook?

And finally, one of the biggest future investments is the value added to the property. If you decide to sell your home, you know that someone else will be able to enjoy the many uses of the loft conversion.

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