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Convert Your Loft Into a Kids Playroom

As a family, loft conversions can offer much needed space and value. They provide extra room without reducing the size of your garden, while adding value to the property and open up an exciting new space in your home. There are many options, but if you’re a family with growing children, then a playroom could be the perfect choice.


Creating a children’s sanctuary away from the rest of the house means they can let their imagination run wild and free, without the chaos and mess of toys strewn across the house. Essentially, it offers valuable freedom to both you and your children.


We’ve curated a list of ways you can get creative with the space, keeping your little ones happy in their very own castle or secret hideaway.


Devise a plan


It’s good to think about how you can maximise the space for you and your children through a loft conversion. Where is the loft located? Will it be safe for children? Do you want a secret nook, or a roof window to create a light room?


It might be worth considering how this space can be utilised as the children grow up. Will it eventually become a study den, or a teenage bedroom?




This is the fun part. A pot of paint can offer a whole new world. Maybe you want every colour of the rainbow, or something more subtle. Selecting a neutral colour palette means the room is gender neutral for everyone. Get the children involved in choosing the colour, so they’ll feel like they’ve created their own personal space.


You could add bean bags or comfy seats for a cosy feel. If you find they are most creative at a kitchen table, it might be worth putting in a small table, so they can learn and play on a surface.


Kid-friendly Floors


Spilling drinks, splashing paint and sticky hands, mean carpets might be a no go for a playroom. A wooden or Linoleum floor could be the perfect solution, making it easy to wipe away any spillages. A foam floor can be a fun way to entertain your kids, letting them run around with minor injuries as the floor is soft. They’re often colourful too, another way to engage your children.


A Drawing Wall


Something fun and interactive could be a chalk wall, a dedicated space to express themselves and get creative. This means all your walls stay clean throughout the house while keeping the kids happy.




Shelves are not an ideal place to store children’s toys, potentially leading to accidents if they can’t reach the shelves or bang their head on the corner. Therefore, it’s better to keep your storage on their level.


Baskets or boxes on the floor are perfect for this, allowing them to grab the toys they need but also making it easy to tidy up, keeping the room clutter free. A reachable bookcase could be a good way to encourage reading and learning.


The exciting part of creating a kids playroom means you can let your inner child get creative too, experimenting with styles and interactive designs that keep the entire family happy.




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