converting your loft into a bathroom
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Converting Your Loft Into a Bathroom

From shower rooms to en-suites and wet rooms, there are many ways you can add an extra bathroom into your home.

Loft conversions are made for extra space. If your house only has one bathroom, then creating a second can be great for when the whole family is trying to get ready in the morning, or you want to soak in the bath, but someone else needs to brush their teeth.

Adding a bathroom can be cost-effective while providing extra room and light, making it both functional and stylish. Whether you want an en-suite connected to a guest bedroom, or simply a stand-alone bathroom, here are some ideas to think about before installing your dream bathroom.

Planning Permission

It’s more than likely that your conversion will not actually need planning permission. This is known as ‘Permitted Development.’ If this is the case then you can begin building pretty much straight away but it must still adhere to certain conditions and regulations, such as roof space. Other rules include no balcony or veranda, while any side-facing windows should be obscure-glazed.

Building regulations must still be put in place, considering the structural integrity, such as floor reinforcements and fire safety conditions. It’s also wise to consider the bathroom or ensuite placement. If you can build one above an existing bathroom then this means less disruption overall.

Utility Requirements

Bathroom lofts have poor water flow, so water pressure needs to be prioritised. An electric shower can boost your pressure, but a more aesthetically pleasing way to do this is to fit in a concealed water pump. These, however, can be loud, so another option could be to invest in an unvented hot water cylinder. This instead runs off the mains water pressure.

Make sure to find the placement of your existing drainage, so you can plan ahead without any problems.


Consider the size and space of your new bathroom. You don’t want to bang your head getting out of the bath, or be unable to install a shower because of the roof height.

One way to resolve this is by installing windows in the roof, offering up much-needed headroom, while incorporating natural light, which will make the room feel bigger, calm and bright. Dormer and mansard windows work well for houses with sloping and flat roofs, offering extra space. If your property has a hipped roof, then a hip to gable conversion will provide even more room.

Bathroom Ideas

Ideally, you want to maximise the space of your bathroom, making it both practical and elegant. Depending on your space, there are some different options.

If you have a low ceiling then including a bath, but no shower could work well. If you have the height, a bath fitted with a shower might be a better solution for the whole family.

If you’re tight on space, then a shower only could provide more room for a sink and toilet. You could take this one step further with a wet room but ensure that the whole room is waterproof, with the correct gradient for drainage.

What Works For You

Ultimately, you need to create a space that works for you and your household. There are many ways to find inspiration, from the interior to the exterior.

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