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Create an Amazing Games Room with a Loft Conversion

Create an Amazing Games Room with a Loft Conversion


If you have ever wanted to make a games room for the kids, a teenager’s hide-out or the ultimate man-cave, then a loft conversion might be the perfect way to do it.

A loft conversion can be a great way to create additional space in your house and increase its value at the same time.

Using a loft conversion to create space for rest and relaxation has lots of advantages:

  • Create a safe place for kids to play and invite friends
  • Allows playing of loud music / films / games without disturbing others
  • Adds room for space-intensive hobbies such table-top gaming or model railways
  • Get into indoor sports like table tennis or pool

Having a loft conversion can be a great way to give teenagers the space and privacy they need, as well as providing a safe and welcoming place for them to invite friends if the weather is bad.

When the weather is good, they can invite them up there to enjoy the balcony too!

There are several ways to add a balcony to a loft conversion, but it could make the difference between just adding another room and creating something totally amazing.

For loft conversions which maintain sloping roofs, a special balcony window can be fitted into the roof which can be opened up into a balcony.

If you choose a loft conversion with a dormer, you will have the option to add a Juliet balcony, which is effectively a door with a balustrade across it.

For suitable properties, it is possible to add a door and traditional balcony to your loft conversion.

The existing roof space in your house will affect what type of loft conversion you can have for your games room; there are four main types:

  • Roof Light Conversion
  • Dormer Conversion
  • Hip-to-Gable Conversion
  • Mansard Conversion

Roof Light Loft Conversion

A roof light loft conversion is the cheapest and least disruptive type of loft conversion because it doesn't change the shape of the roof. The downside is that it doesn't create as much usable space as some of the other types of loft conversions.

Using only roof lights, it would be possible to make a good man-cave or teenager hideout, but if you want to be able to swing a table tennis bat or pool cue, you might need to invest in some dormers to create additional space.

Dormer Loft Conversions

Dormer loft conversions are the most popular type of conversion because they offer a good amount of space for the cost.

The advantages of using dormers are:

  • Creates extra space
  • Allows standard window units - more choice and flexibility
  • Compatible with Juliet balconies and doors (for balconies)

Hip-to-Gable Loft Conversions

Hip-to-gable loft conversions are specifically for properties with an existing hipped roof.

In this type of loft conversion, the 'hip' of the roof is replaced with a gable, which creates a lot more head room and can also be combined with dormers to create even more usable space.

Mansard Loft Conversions

Mansard loft conversions are the most expensive and disruptive type of conversion because they completely change the shape of the roof.

A mansard roof has almost vertical sides and a fairly flat top section, which gives the maximum possible use of space and effectively adds another floor on to your property.

Our team would be happy to offer advice about which type of loft conversion would be best to create your perfect games room, so please get in touch with them here.

You can find out more details about each loft conversion type and approximate costs here in this article.

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