creating the perfect teenage hangout
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Creating the Perfect Teenage Hangout

Growing up, teenagers long for their own space and freedom. Privacy is actually a crucial part of development for teens, and even though it can be tricky to navigate, giving your teenage children the space to discover themselves is all part of the process.

This is where a loft conversion comes in. Creating a hangout room for teens wanting to escape the rest of the family is an ideal solution. Better yet you could make a whole bedroom and ensuite for them, but if that’s not what you have in mind, then a haven for them to chill and hang out with friends works just as well.

Here are some ideas to help you optimise their personal space.

1. Hanging out

Creating an area for them to hang out can benefit all the family. Somewhere to relax and spend time alone, whilst also offering them a space for when their friends come to visit, means they’re staying out of your way too.

Comfy chairs, cushions, bean bags or even a sofa-bed for friends who stay the night, provides a cosy and safe environment to chill out.

2. Study spot

It’s wise to set aside some space for a desk and chair as a study spot, encouraging studies and productivity. No doubt teenagers will have endless exams and homework that require a lot of motivation, so having a designated and well-designed study area will help promote and stimulate important study time.

3. Get creative

As humans, we’re always finding ways to express ourselves. For children and teenagers, this is an essential part of growing up and understanding who they are. Building some kind of creative area encourages this expression while engaging your teens and providing interest to the room at the same time.

Think about incorporating artwork, prints or photographs in the room. Let them choose their own pieces, or better yet, get them to create their own.

4. Storage

A messy room is all part of adolescence, whether you like it or not! You’re probably familiar with the floor-drobe or chair-drobe, so in an attempt to create clutter-free space, this is where wardrobes can be extra useful.

Depending on what you use the space for, the wardrobe could act as a dressing room, letting them express themselves through style, or simply be used as storage unit. You could adapt this as they grow older.

5. Lighting

This includes both natural light and mood lighting. Teenagers are notorious for sleeping in and getting up late. Using skylights creates a bright and airy room, that provides lots of natural light. It’s a great way to help them wake up, whilst also feeling calm.

Featuring lamps, or low lights, can really give the room a completely different vibe, perfect for chilling in the evening and winding down.

The Sky’s the Limit!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing a room for your teenager. Make sure you include their own choices to make it personal to them so it’s a place they really appreciate spending time in.

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