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Loft Conversion Choices to Make

There are lots of things to choose from when having a loft conversion; here are some of the typical choices our clients have to think about: 

  • Type of loft conversion  
  • Room layout 
  • Windows 
  • Doors 
  • Balconies 
  • Finishes 
  • Lighting 

Type of Loft Conversion 

The type of loft conversion will usually be determined partly by the existing property and also by the budget of the client. 

There are four main types of loft conversion which you can read about in detail here <LINK TO OTHER PAGE> but in summary they are: 

  • Roof light conversion 
  • Dormer conversion 
  • Hip-to-gable conversion 
  • Mansard conversion 

A hip-to-gable loft conversion can only be performed on a roof with hips, which is commonly semi-detached and detached houses. 

Roof light conversions are the cheapest but yield the least usable space of all the options.  

Dormer are the most popular type of loft conversion and can be used in conjunction with roof lights and hip-to-gable conversions.  

Room Layout 

For smaller conversions, there may only be space for one room and there may only be one sensible location for the new staircase to go, but for bigger conversions, there are more options. 

A large roof space with a loft conversion could accommodate possibly two bedrooms or a single large bedroom with an en suite. 

Unless a mansard conversion is chosen, the room(s) will have sloping walls on at least one side which may affect where you choose to have certain features, such as windows and doors. 


The size and number of windows in a loft conversion will have a big impact on how the room(s) feel and look. A space with lots of natural light will be more appealing to be in than a badly lit one.  

Loft extensions with dormers, gables or mansards can have traditional windows in them, whereas the pitched roofs can have roof light style windows.  

Having pitched roofs doesn't have to limit you to having small windows - it is possible to get quite large roof lights and even extra-long ones which turn into mini balconies. 


A balcony is a very attractive feature for any loft conversion and there are several ways of doing it: 

  • Making a portion of the existing roof flat  
  • Adding an extra platform using steel adjacent to the existing roof 
  • Having a Juliet balcony in a vertical wall 
  • Installing a window balcony in a sloping roof 

Having a balcony can completely change the feel and usage of a room, even if it is only a Juliet balcony. 

Interior Design 

The internal fittings and finishes of a loft conversion will vary depending on what the final use for it is intended to be. Bedrooms are more likely to have carpet and tiled bathrooms, whereas gyms or offices might suit a wooden floor.  

There are a host of other items to consider, such as: 

  • Light fittings 
  • Location of electrical sockets and switches 
  • Heating  
  • Wall decoration 

Here are Amazing Lofts we can help you with all of these things and more, so please give us a call about your project today! 


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