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The True Cost of Loft Conversions

Loft conversions have become increasingly popular in recent years as homeowners seek to maximise their living space without having to move house. However, many people fail to consider the true cost of an amazing loft conversion, which can often be more than they initially anticipated. From planning permission to building regulations, materials and labour costs, there are a number of factors that can impact the final price of a loft conversion.

This article will show you the valuable insights into what you can expect to pay for a luxury loft. We will delve into the different types of loft conversions available and their costs, from dormer and hip-to-gable to mansard and roof lift. Tips on how to keep the costs down without compromising quality, and a guidance on how to choose the right builder for your project is also explained below.

Dormer Loft Conversion

A dormer loft conversion is a type of home improvement project that can be used to transform the attic space of a property into a usable living area. It involves the addition of a framed structure on the roof of the property, typically at the rear, which creates space within the existing roof structure. This new space can be used as an extra bedroom, office, playroom or even an additional bathroom. A dormer loft conversion offers a cost-effective way to increase the amount of living space in a property, and can add to the overall value of the property too. In some cases, it can even be possible to gain planning permission for a dormer loft conversion which is a great way to add value to a property without needing to undertake a full-scale renovation. The process for a dormer loft conversion will vary depending on the size and structure of the property, and as for the price, this is the cheapest loft conversion type, so you will be looking to pay between £47,000 and £52,000 plus VAT.

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

A hip to gable loft conversion is usually done in homes that have the traditional hipped roof. which has a sloping roof with sides that come down to the walls. The hip to gable loft conversion involves extending the roof out over the sloping sides and across the full width of the building, resulting in a gable roof. This new roof creates additional floor space and headroom in the loft area, which can be used for a variety of purposes. The process of a hip to gable loft conversion typically involves removing the existing roof, extending the side walls and creating a new roof structure. This new roof will either be a traditional pitched roof or a flat roof. Once the new roof has been constructed, the new space can be used to create any unique room you desire. As loft conversions go this type is really in the middle in terms of cost, you can pay between £50,000 and £55,000 plus VAT for a hip to gable conversion.

Mansard Loft Conversion

A Mansard loft conversion is also a popular choice for those looking to add extra space to their home without having to move house. The conversion typically involves constructing a new roof with a steeper pitch than the existing roof, allowing for extra head space in the loft and creating a distinctive look. The walls are also raised to provide greater insulation and to further increase the usable space. The final result is a larger loft space with great potential for a variety of uses, including extra bedrooms, an office, a playroom, or even a home cinema. A Mansard loft conversion is one of the bigger, more complex types of loft conversions and therefore more expensive, you would be looking around £60,000 plus VAT for this type.

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Mansard Loft Conversion

Roof Lift Loft Conversion

A roof lift loft conversion is an ingenious way to increase the space in your home without the need for a full extension. It is a relatively quick and cost effective way to increase the living space in your home, and can also be used to create additional bedrooms, bathrooms and use other useful areas. The process involves lifting the existing roof and replacing it with a new structure, such as a dormer or hip-to-gable, which is then insulated and a new staircase is added to provide access to the upstairs area. This process is advantageous as it does not require planning permission, as the existing roof structure is not altered. It is also much less disruptive than a full extension, as the majority of the work is done from the outside of the property. The result is a bright and airy space that can be used as an extra bedroom, playroom, office or simply a place to relax. This is definitely the biggest and most complex loft conversion so it costs around £65,000 plus VAT for one of these.

Tips to Keep the Costs Down

  • Utilise the existing features of the space.
  • Use existing plumbing and electrical connections (if they comply with regulations).
  • Incorporate second-hand materials when possible.
  • Consider doing parts of the project yourself.
  • Investigate different financing options.

Guidance on How to Find the Right Loft Builder

Before you embark on this project, it's important to do your research and find reliable, experienced builders in Sheffield. Make sure to read through customer reviews and check out their portfolio if you can. It's also worth looking into the credentials of the builders and any accreditations or awards they have received. Ask for quotes from several different builders to ensure you get the best value for money. Don't be afraid to ask questions and get clarification on any aspects of the project. Asking around friends and family could also be a good way of finding good builders in your area. Of course, you should always visit the site of any builders you're considering and make sure they are doing things correctly and to a standard you are happy with.

To conclude, Sheffield loft conversions can be a great investment in terms of increasing the value of your property and creating more living space. However, it's important to be aware of the true costs involved and to properly budget for them. By doing thorough research, working with reputable contractors, and carefully considering all factors, you can ensure that your loft conversion is a success both in terms of cost and functionality.


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