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Use a Loft Conversion to Create Your Perfect Home Gym

If you want to make a gym or self-improvement space at home, a loft conversion could be the perfect solution. 

Whatever your work-out entails, you can make an amazing environment to do it in. A loft conversion would be great for: 

  • Weights Gym 
  • Cardio Gym 
  • Yoga Studio 
  • Martial Arts Dojo 
  • Sauna and Spa 

You can have a separate shower and bath, even a balcony to rest on after your gym session! 

To find out about what kind of windows and balconies are available, be sure to check out this article here. 

The size and shape of your existing roof will have an influence on how much your loft conversion costs and how much space you can create for your new gym. 

There are four main types of loft conversion: 

  • Roof Light Conversion 
  • Dormer Conversion 
  • Hip-to-Gable Conversion 
  • Mansard Conversion 

For a detailed breakdown of each type of loft conversion and how much they cost, see our article on it here. Below are some brief summaries of each type. 

Roof Light Loft Conversion 

A roof light loft conversion relies on only roof lights for natural light, as the name implies. 

Loft conversions of this type are the quickest and cheapest to build but offer the least amount of usable space of any type of conversion, which is not ideal if you intend to have any tall or bulky gym equipment. 

Dormer Loft Conversions 

Dormer loft conversions tend to be more expensive than those which only utilise roof lights, but they are better value in terms of floor area and offer other benefits such as: 

  • Greater floor area 
  • More head room 
  • Compatible with Juliet balconies and doors 

Hip-to-Gable Loft Conversions 

Hip-to-gable loft conversions can only be used on properties with hipped roofs, usually semi-detached or detached houses. 

This type of loft conversion is typically more expensive than a dormer conversion because it requires more modification of the roof structure, but it does create a lot of space and can be used in conjunction with dormers. 

Mansard Loft Extensions 

A mansard loft conversion will give you the maximum usable floor area of any type of conversion, but doing so requires substantial modification of the roof. 

Mansard roofs have almost vertical sides and very flat tops, which is why they give your loft conversion so much floor area and head room.  

The downside to this is that virtually the whole of you existing roof will be replaced, which adds cost and time to the project, relative to the other types of conversions. 

Here at Amazing Loft Conversions we manage the whole process of converting your loft from inception through to completion of construction. We take the hassle out of creating your dream space by taking over the: 

  • Design 
  • Planning Permission Application (if required) 
  • Building Regulations Approval 
  • Construction Management 

We use our extensive experience in creating loft conversions to coordinate the design and construction into a well-oiled process which is hassle free for our clients. 

Our designers will take your vision of a gym and turn it into a design which can be built by our expert tradesmen. We can apply for planning permission for the loft conversion or use our knowledge of the rules to make sure it doesn't need a planning application at all. 

The work on your loft conversion will be inspected by an approved building control inspector and also submit a full plans building regulations submission if required. 

Our in-depth knowledge of planning and building regulations means that if we have to submit any applications, we have a much higher chance of getting them approved. 

Talk to us today about your converting your loft into your dream work-out space. 

You can learn more by reading our articles about planning permission and building regulations with respect to loft conversions. 


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