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What Type of Windows Can I Have in My Loft Conversion?

There are now more options than ever for loft conversion windows and openings, with something for every taste and budget. 

Just some of the options open to you are: 

  • Roof lights 
  • Balcony Windows 
  • Dormers and Gables 
  • Juliet Balconies 
  • Mansard Windows 

Roof lights 

Roof lights or sky lights are the simplest type of window available for a loft conversion and require the least amount of structural alterations to the roof of a property. 

Roof lights come in a variety of sizes and can be combined with other types of window in a loft conversion. They can be used in any sloping roof and are easily the cheapest type of window available for loft conversions. 

The roof light has been around for a long time and come in a variety of styles and types. Most have a centre pivot to allow for a large transfer of air. 

A more recent variation of the roof light is the balcony window. 

Balcony Window 

The balcony window looks like a larger version of the roof light when it is closed; fitted into a sloping roof but going from floor level to above head height, 

The bottom half of the window pane is hinged at the base and can be pushed into a vertical position, effectively making it into a balcony balustrade. 

The top half of the window pane can be pushed upwards into a horizontal position, allowing a person to stand under it, right out at the very edge of the roof. 

A balcony window can completely change a room, partly because it lets in much more light than a standard roof light but it also lets the user go outside, which gives a much greater sense of freedom.  

Dormer & Gable Windows 

Dormer and gable windows themselves don't have to be special window units, they can be standard windows like the ones found elsewhere on your property. The difference is that the roof construction is changed from a slope to vertical, to accommodate a standard window unit. 

Dormers and gables have an advantage over roof lights because they create a much bigger floor area and usable space within the loft conversion. The downside is that they are more expensive than roof lights because of the additional work required to the structure of the roof. 

Gables and dormers can also have doors fitted in them, to make balconies. 

Juliet Balcony 

A Juliet balcony is essentially just a door with a balustrade in front of it to prevent anyone from falling out of it. They are generally fitted into dormers or gables, where there is a vertical surface in the roof construction. 

Like a balcony window, a Juliet balcony can make a massive difference to the light and feel of a room because the occupier has the option to 'go outside'. 

Mansard Windows 

A mansard roof is the most expensive option because it often involves replacing the entire roof, but it gives the maximum available space of any type of loft conversion. 

The sides of a mansard roof are almost vertical, so the window units can either be standard windows set into mini dormers or sloping units which are similar to roof lights. 


To read more about the different loft conversion construction types, click here.  

If you want to know more about the options for windows available for your loft conversion, please get in touch with our team.


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