how many rooms can i get from a loft conversion

How Many Rooms Can I Get From a Loft Conversion?

If you’re tight on space and looking to grow your family home, then loft conversions can be a great solution. It’s estimated that for houses with three bedrooms and one bathroom, the value could rise by 20%, if a loft conversion is added.

With extensions taking up garden space, and often on the pricier side, lofts can offer an alternative option. Lofts benefit homes for various reasons, but the common denominator is the space.

While you can simply create one extra room, it doesn’t have to stop there. A popular choice is adding a room and a bathroom, such as a guest room and an ensuite. Perhaps a home gym and a shower room would suit you better. The options are endless and aimed to work around you and your lifestyle.

Of course, there are things to consider. Each home is unique, meaning each potential loft space is different and it’s important to research into what your conversion requires.

Plan Ahead

Lifestyle choices

What is your conversion for and how does it fit into your lifestyle? If you’re converting your loft to accommodate for independent personal space, such as grown-up children returning from university, or elderly parents who need extra care, then it could be worth investing in a whole floor. Depending on the size, you could create a bedroom and bathroom, with space for a sofa or table for example.

On the contrary, if you use the space for work or recreational reasons, such as an art studio, yoga space, or home office, then maybe you should make the most of that whole room rather than separating it. Open plan living quarters could take the same approach.

Design and Structure 

Although you may have a layout in mind, it’s important to understand the structure of your roof. Is there going to be enough room to stand up without banging your head? If not, then maybe the space would be better used as a kid’s playroom or bedroom.


If you are thinking of incorporating a bathroom, then the roof space needs to be considered. There should be room for a plumbing system, heating, and water tanks. The same applies to a standard room when you take into account insulation and electrics


You will need to have 2.2m minimum of space for the conversion to work, as you will need to think about the headroom for a staircase. Although this problem can be overcome, the solutions will be more expensive.


When we think of loft conversions, we focus on the roof, but we also need to think about the floor too. We’ve thought about the staircase at the top, but what about the bottom? You need to think about how much space a staircase is going to take up and if you’re happy to make that compromise.

Once the initial research is put into place, you can then let your imagination run wild, creating the dream space to enjoy for years to come.

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