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5 Most Popular Uses for a Loft Conversion

5 Most Popular Uses for a Loft Conversion

Here are the five most popular uses for loft conversions in reverse order– what will you use yours for? Bedroom Home Office Games Room Creative Studio […]
5 Tips to Maximise Space in Your Home

5 Tips to Maximise Space in Your Home

Build an Extension Get a loft conversion Get an Outbuilding Better Storage Have a Clear Out Here are five great tips to help you get the […]
Can you Have a Loft Conversion in a Semi Detatched

Can you Have a Loft Conversion in a Semi-Detached House?

Yes, you can. There are limiting factors which need to be considered when having a loft conversion in a semi-detached house, but some of them apply […]

Best Flooring for a Loft Conversion

There are lots of options when it comes to flooring and floor coverings for your home and most of these can be applied to loft conversions […]
work from home

5 Tips to Improve Working From Home

Working from can be a dream come true or a complete nightmare depending on how you go about it, so here are five top tips on […]

10 ways to invest in your home

There are lots of home improvements you can consider as investments because they will either pay for themselves overtime or increase the value of the property itself, here are ten of […]

Should I Design My Own Loft Conversion?

Should I try to design my own loft conversion?  A loft conversion is arguably the most difficult type of home improvement project one can attempt because […]

Loft Conversion Vs Extension

Which is better, a loft conversion or an extension?  The answer to that will ultimately depend on the property being converted/extended as some properties will automatically […]

Loft Conversion Choices to Make

There are lots of things to choose from when having a loft conversion; here are some of the typical choices our clients have to think about:  Type of loft conversion   […]
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